November is recognized as National Novel Writing Month. Since it coincides with my First Drafts Only project, I will be participating and publishing my writing live throughout November on this site. Below is a synopsis and table of contents.

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The small town of Deerhaven, Iowa is a tight-knit community nestled deep in rural country, the kind where everyone knows each other’s names and the sheriff considers law enforcement a side gig. It is connected to the rest of the world by one major road leading into town, and visitors are a rare occasion.

That is until one late summer sunset, when a long string of headlights can be seen approaching, winding steadily down the road.

The town is ill-prepared for their sudden arrival. So, too, is a small family on the verge of tearing itself apart, waiting only for the slightest catalyst to throw their lives into chaos.

VISITORS is a dark, eerie examination of family dynamics and the effect on isolated communities when inexplicable forces challenge their way of life.

Prologue: A Field of Ash Where a Town Once Was

Part I: A String of Headlights Against the Setting Sun

  1. An Electrician Gets a Call Over Dinner
  2. A Pastor is Lost for Words Amidst a Throng of Strangers
  3. A Baker Sketches the Clerk at the Laundromat
  4. A Teacher Reaches Out to a Troubled Child

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