Happy Molt Day

A slug-trail of amniotic-like fluid glistens across the dark wood floor in the dim candlelight. A low hum suspends low in the room, dense, resonating. The trail leads to a candle-lined clearing, and beyond the ring of candles is a wall of feet and legs. In the center of the clearing, a slimy, naked body … Continue reading Happy Molt Day

The Task

Nicolau Fonseca scanned the crowd in front of him, searching for the man with a daisy growing out of his top hat. A bit difficult, considering this was the National Daisy Festival. Everyone had daisy-themed attire. Normally he would have scanned the top of the crowd, searching for a daisy poking up higher than any … Continue reading The Task

A Computer Generated Character Portrait

The character is the basic unit of the algorithm. Common theory is that every story centers on its characters — the protagonist, antagonist, and secondary characters; their goals, motivations and arcs; and the conflict that arises when their motivations collide. Plot arises from fleshed out, three-dimensional characters. The first step, then, is to create such … Continue reading A Computer Generated Character Portrait