Human Species

This is an incomplete story. The updated version can be found here. I am Kamashi Geissler, and I am homo sapien. I am a diplomat on Titan. Saturn frames the domed crystalline city of Nova Ŝanco, nestling in the slight pink haze bed of Titan's atmosphere. The haze gives way to the black stars of … Continue reading Human Species

Come to Your Senses

I exist. Synapses fire into darkness, exploring and reporting nothing. I exist. There is an extension of my consciousness - a mass, which drifts in the void. It can move. At some point, I became aware of a linear element to my existence. There once was a moment, but now I can see both that … Continue reading Come to Your Senses

A New Path

The writer has accepted a new journey today. He will begin preparing shortly, writing with increasingly larger requirements. He hopes that within a month he will have the endurance and mental fortitude to write a novel in the span of a month. And then, he will have conquered one of his oldest demons.


I am the wisest person on this planet. I write fortune cookies for a living. I actually invented the fortune cookie. My life has spiraled out of control since the invention of the fortune cookie. I don't know who to trust anymore. Can I give advice to myself?


It was as though the cords connecting my eyes to my brain had severed. I stepped out of the bathroom, flicked the light switch, and — For a microsecond, I experienced nothing. All ties anchoring me to the world had vanished from existence. In an empty black void the size of your own body is miniscule, … Continue reading Vertigo